Leaving Korea

So, here we are, the last day of the exchange. It has been snowing last night, and while I was walking down the mountain for the last time, I couldn’t help to think how different the whole place seemed back in late August, when I went there for the first time. And it wasn’t just because now there wasn’t any leaves and the ground was covered in snow, but also because the place now felt more like a home, a place where you feel comfortable at.

Today is the day when my student exchange ends, but also the day when my vacation in South East Asia begins, and because I’m travelling for quite some time, I decided to ship all my winter clothes and souvenirs to Finland by post. I had already been to the campus post office, where they said it was ok to send my big luggage as it is, but when I went there today, they told me it was too big to fit any of their boxes. I was somewhat frustrated, because I had left this to the last day, believing their first word that there wouldn’t be any problems. So, after I presented my situation to them, they sent me to another post office, where it would be possible to send the bags, I was told. Well, after all, I managed to sent both of the bags, but it wasn’t an easy task, to tell the truth, as also in the other post office, the staff first strictly told me that the bags were too big to send.. All is good now, and we are heading for our final dinner in Seoul. And of course, it’s going to be Korean barbecue!

It’s a little bit sad to leave, especially because I didn’t get to say goodbye to all of my friends, but I’m also looking forward to travelling in South East Asia, so it’s not all bad. I guess it’s just the feeling that something has come to an end, something you won’t do ever again, and it makes me a little bit sentimental.

So, goodbye Korea! It was an awesome 4 months! Hope to see you again!!


PS. I hope to keep updating the blog from Thailand, whenever I can get online.


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