Blogging from paradise. It’s 9 a.m. and I’m sipping coffee at the hotel terrace, looking at the gorgeous view downhill where the mountains, palms trees, sandy beaches and bright blue sea make a picturesque view which I could stare for hours (and soon have). Unfortunately I’ve had some problems with my stomach recently, so I had to call it a night early yesterday, and while I probably missed the party of my lifetime, at least I can enjoy the morning, feeling fresh and perhaps dipping into the pool at some point. My travel buddies came home early in the morning, and will probably sleep for a good 5 hours more or so, so perhaps I’ll just take my motorcycle for a spin around the island and enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful scenery.

Hotel view

When we started our trip from Seoul, the idea was to take a train from Kuala Lumpur to Thailand, then go to Ko Tao for 4 days and from there to Ko Samui, where I’m currently at, but because all the trains were booked, and the bus connection seemed a little unreliable, we decided to spend one night in KL and just fly straight to Krabi in Southwest Thailand. We spent one night in Krabi, which is more of a jump-off point for the more touristic places surrounding it, as the town itself doesn’t have anything special to offer to travelers. But still, it was a nice place to stay for a while, we rented scooters, drove around the surrounding areas and watched a very entertaining Christmas “talent show” at the night market.

Local kids made an amazing fire show in Krabi

From Krabi, we took a 90-minute boat ride to Ko Phi Phi, a party island of a sort. Everything on the island was more or less destroyed in the Tsunami, but right now you wouldn’t notice it, save for the tsunami memorials erected on the island. I found Phi Phi to be a very interesting place, maybe something I always pictured the Thai holiday resorts to be like, a crammed little tourist town, where the all the locals work for the hostels, restaurants and bars, and with the clientelé consisting of mainly Scandinavian tourists. Except that in Phi Phi, there were less families and older single men, and more young people in their twenties looking to go crazy at the beach parties that occur every night on the northern beach of the island.

Maya beach, one of our stops during our snorkeling tour

After partying at Phi Phi, we decided to chill out for a while and headed to a place called Tonsai Beach, which could be described as the completely opposite of Ko Phi Phi. Tonsai is a really laid-back place, favored by two kinds of people, rock climbers who want to challenge themselves and test their skills in climbing the 70-meter rocks there, and the more hippie kind of, who book a month in one of the many bungalows around the beach and just relaaaaax. For that, the place is perfect for, because there is not really anything special to do, except for hanging out in one of the cozy local bars, playing ping pong, or that kind of stuff. In Tonsai, there was no cell-phone reception, the accommodation is very modest at best, and at least in our bungalow, the electricity generator only runs from 6 p.m to 2 a.m. Oh yeah, and you needed a lot of mosquito repellent 🙂

A simple bungalow in Tonsai

But now, it’s time for me to close the laptop and dip into the pool. The sun is already warm and I can’t hold myself in this chair any longer – paradise is calling! 🙂

Hope to blog again soon!


EDIT: I uploaded some pics earlier. Link.


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